Soft Plush Dog Blanket


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Minky blankets are the plushest, softest and coziest blankets for babies, children of all ages and adults. They can be used as a crib blanket, stroller cover, carseat blanket, playmat or for every day snuggles.

*Blankets have 2 layers of silky soft minky! The top minky is custom printed designer minky which is lightweight with a short nap...the printing detail is simply amazing! The backings are luxe cuddle minky, and as it sounds, it is luxuriously soft. Luxe cuddle is a thicker fabric, but not too hot for summer.

*100% polyester fabric

*Handmade by the Feathered Arrow Minky Co.

*Machine wash cold, tumble dry on lowest heat setting or hang dry.

*Never use fabric softener and never use an iron.