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Pastel Slicker Brush

  • Vendor: U-Groom

About This Item

Product description

U-Groom Slicker Dog Brushes are perfect for at-home, between grooming maintenance or in the salon for professional use. Stainless steel pins penetrate into coat. Ergonomic, contoured handle for comfortable grip.

  • Stainless-steel or rubber pins penetrate into coat
  • Ergonomic, contoured handle
  • Perfect for at-home, between-grooming maintenance
  • Helps reduce shedding up to 90%
Material Plastic, Rubber & Stainless Steel
Size Small
Brush Design Slicker
Dimensions 6 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Handle Design Rubber Grip
Brush Dimensions 2.75"x1.25"


Directions for use:

1. Begin by applying a brushing aid to your pet’s coat. This will help break the static lock of any mats and also pre-condition the coat.
2. Start brushing at the rear of the animal, working toward the head. This will allow the pet to become accustomed to being brushed before you start brushing around its head, which may make some animals nervous.
3. Lift the hair upwards with your free hand and brush the hair down and out of your hand, in the direction of hair growth.
4. Keep your wrist straight to prevent the pins of the brush from scratching the animal’s skin.

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Pastel Slicker Brush

$7.99 USD

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